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Today's 10cent apps on Android Market

Today's 10cent apps on Android Market!

LG Prada 3.0 (NEW MODEL 2012) for a Fashionable Ladies!

LG Prada 3.0. The dual-core OMAP 4430 processor clocked at 1.0 GHz, with a high definition screen of monotone Android Gingerbread. The details are:

8GB of storage
8.0 megapixel af camera
NFC capabilities

* NFC is Near Field Communication work like bluetooth but the phone equipped with NFC just need to tap their phone together, no need for pairing and all the messy requirement, security pin etc2. Another phone that had this capability is the Google own Galaxy Nexus, which expected to launch in Malaysia by end of this year.



The Preferred Operating System (OS) on the Phone, Android, iOS, RIM (Blackberry) or Nokia?

Years ago Apple revolutionary the Phone with the iPhone series. Indeed it was a phenomenon at that time! people are camping days, and week before the store start selling it, it was quickly become a hot grab and everyone eager for it.

Google fighting back with the Android OS, an open platform OS which had started a spark for a competitor for the iOS, lots of companies adapting it HTC, Samsung, Sony (formerly SonyEricsson).

Except for Nokia which was so 'ego' of their Symbian OS which had issue with the memory management rejecting the idea of adapting/incorporating the Android OS into their phone model. With the changes of the Nokia CEO with the MicroSoft Officer they are now goes to Windows Phone 7 OS which is not a popular OS for now.

So, ask yourself, did you see any Nokia phone around? Maybe for a second phone for the 'special one'? hehe i dont know but Nokia is plunged down, along with their Windows Phone 7 and MeeGo.

Below are report by the Consumer Tracking Service:

Android                 - 53%
iOS                        - 29%
Windows               - 10%
Windows Phone 7 -  3%
Symbian                -  1%
Palm                      - 1%

*up to Q3, 2011

iPhone 4S in Malaysia

iPhone 4S officially will be launching on 16 Dec 2011 in Malaysia!! so to all the iPhone 4S fanatics please go ahead and grab it!! of course th 'Makcik SiRi' is there to assist you but not sure though if 'she' can understand our manglish!

I wish to said" Siri, where is the nearest bestest nasik Lomak stall", "Errr... i don't know? what's that?"


Anyway for the iPhones 4S it's not much different then its earlier siblings, just an upgrade of the processor and iOS5 (of course with 'Makcik Siri').

If you are interested, go ahead check it out at this following URL



Today's 10 cents apps!

YouTube Education for Students

YouTube baru saja melancarkan khidmat percuma khas untuk para pelajar Di dalam 'mode pembelajaran' ini semua video tidak boleh dikomen dan tiada 'recommended video'. Bagus untuk pelajar dan juga cikgu dan dapat jimat kos ayah dan ibu tak payah lah antor anak pi tuisyen!

YouTube had just launched a free service to all range students, contains all subject and experiments which are free to view but user can't comment. So there's a bright side of the internet/youtube after all... :)